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What would be a good datatype for storing an EUI-64 address (for ZigBee nodes)?

EUI-64 address are basically 8 octets. From what I can gather they should not be considered an integer as such, though obviously you can make a 64 bit integer out of them. It seems obvious then to use a bigint, though they are "signed" unfortunately so that makes it a bit messy.

I could use numeric(8), but there are no built in conversions to represent to hex (though I could write one).

I could use a char(16), but that seems wasteful.

All of these options are usable but each seems a bit messy. I'm just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this or a way I haven't thought of. I am currently using bigint, which is working fine as so far. It allows me to use "to_hex" to represent the address, but I can foresee problems unless I handle the sign-ness properly.


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The values being "signed" would only cause an issue if you were doing arithmetic or less than/greater than comparisons. –  kyork Oct 7 '13 at 19:48

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I would write my own data type for it, using the code for macaddr as a template.

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