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I'd like to perform early stopping algorithm on neural network in order to improve digit recognition by the network. Example of mine comes from coursera online course "machine learning" by Andrew NG, here is a link to codes from certain exercise

https://github.com/zhouxc/Stanford-Machine-Learning-Course/tree/master/Neural%20network%20learning/mlclass-ex4 (not my github account)

The problem is I cannot figure out how to modify fmincg.m so that in every epoch it compares result with output of predict.m function. This is what I need to implement early stopping method.

I come up with dealing with matlab's neural network toolbox

   net = newff(p,t,25);
   y1 = sim(net,p);
   net.trainParam.epochs = 50;
   net.trainParam.goal = 0.01;
   net = train(net,p,t);
   y2 = sim(net,p);

where p is 3000x400 and t is 3000x1(originally they have 5000 elements, but I trimmed it to 3000) and here the problem emerges:

"Error using ==> network.train at 145 Targets are incorrectly sized for network. Matrix must have 400 columns."

Any idea how to deal with that? Or anybody maybe is able to give me hint how to modify fmicg.m to perform early stopping?

Thanks a lot in advance


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I changed 3000x1 into 1x3000 and error dissapeared, nevertheless I can't say it works properly. Any idea? –  theDC Oct 7 '13 at 16:57
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