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I am just starting out using Grunt.js. It is pretty hard to set it up. I am at the point of creating a package.json.

Following the tutorial here, it says there are 3 ways to create a package.json.

The first is to do npm install grunt -save-dev

I tried looking for more information on what -save-dev means, but in vain.

What is that supposed to mean?

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I think I manage to find some answers. gruntjs.com/getting-started - npmjs.org/doc/json.html#devDependencies –  Vennsoh Oct 7 '13 at 11:21

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--save-dev: Package will appear in your devDependencies.

According to the npm install docs.

If someone is planning on downloading and using your module in their program, then they probably don't want or need to download and build the external test or documentation framework that you use.

In other words, devDependencies for your app's dependencies will not be installed when you run npm install in your app, and other apps having your app as a dependency need not install your devDependencies. Such modules should only be needed when developing the app (eg grunt, mocha etc).

According to the package.json docs.

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by default it wont install with dev dependencies but how i install with then? npm install --dev flag? –  stanzheng Sep 16 at 18:34
@stanzheng I'm not sure what you need to know. If you're in a project and run npm install, the project's devDependencies will also be installed. You don't want a dependency's devDependencies installed. If you want to develop on an npm package, you'd git clone xxx that project, and run npm install in it. –  Andreas Hultgren Sep 16 at 18:38

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