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I just installed Xcode5 and iOS Simulator 7.0 dvorak keyboard layout not working. When I type, it shows up as QWERTY layout. I tried switching back and forth the layout in my mac but it didn't help.

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Same problem here with another custom layout. – user347284 Oct 12 '13 at 11:05
Here's the solution that worked for me: – Viktor Fonic Oct 27 '13 at 14:01
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There are two conditions required for simulating Dvorak input on the iOS simulator.

(short version)

  • In Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > English > Hardware Keyboard Layout (Select Dvorak)
  • In iOS Simulator Menu > Hardware > Simulate Hardware Keyboard (Must be enabled)

(long version)

To verify:

  • In iOS Simulator Navigate to Settings > iCloud
  • Click Apple ID text field
  • Note - No software keyboard appears
  • Type qwerty on keyboard
  • Note output as below (Simulated Hardware Keyboard outputs according Dvorak layout)

Dvorak Keyboard Layout

  • Now turn off the Simulate Hardware Keyboard
  • Type qwerty on software keyboard
  • Note output as below (Supported QWERTY software Keyboard is shown, Supported Dvorak Hardware Keyboard Layout is used) With Software Keyboard ON

Why this Behavior

(long version)

After some investigation I have found that the answer to this question is that the simulated DVORAK keyboard is working exactly as intended. Only software keyboards can appear in the simulator or on the device. Dvorak is listed as a hardware keyboard, which means that when the correct option is selected one can type using the same keyboard layout as on a Dvorak keyboard.

Software Keyboard Selections (Dvorak is not an option)

Software Keyboard Layout

Scroll to the bottom to see Dvorak

Hardware Keyboard Layout

Dvorak Hardware Keyboard Support

Selecting "Simulate Hardware Keyboard" allows anyone who wants to simulate a Dvorak keyboard or has Dvorak layout on their computer (in combination with the iOS uses Same Keyboard Layout as OSX option) to type into the simulator using the Dvorak keyboard layout. However there is no software keyboard layout for Dvorak as noted above. Therefore, when this option is selected, the onscreen software keyboard is removed if one goes to a field to type in data (no Dvorak software keyboard is supported) in the simulator.

Simulate Hardware Keyboard

Based on the assertion that the keyboard shows up as QWERTY layout then one can assume that the Simulate Hardware Keyboard is not currently selected. Selecting this option will turn on support for a simulated hardware Dvorak keyboard layout and allow one to type in the Dvorak layout.

Selected Option

When the above option is enabled the software keyboard will not be shown in the simulator at all. However the Dvorak layout is now active (if one selected Dvorak under the Hardware Keyboard Layout in the Settings > General > Keyboard area).

Hardware Option is ON

Apple's Explanation iOS: Using International Keyboards

Activating Dvorak is a hardware keyboard simulation only. Simulating Keyboards in iOS simulator


The result of this test indicates that Dvorak is NOT a supported Software Keyboard. The selected software keyboards will always be shown. However the Dvorak hardware keyboard layout is supported. When Dvorak is selected as an hardware keyboard layout option on the simulator or device the output will be Dvorak.

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+1 for your hardwork.... also, can you help me with this one…? – Eddie Nov 1 '13 at 8:17
Well, I think we already know that Dvorak is not supported as Software Keyboard. Anyway, setting the Hardware Keyboard in Simulator does the trick. Thanks! – Hlung Nov 21 '14 at 7:56
@tommie anyway, I think In Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > English > Hardware Keyboard Layout (Select Dvorak) should be changed to iOS uses same layout as OS X. (as of Xcode 6.1) – Hlung Nov 21 '14 at 7:59

For me (Simulator Version 7.0 (463.9.4.2)) as long as the correct hardware keyboard layout is selected, I do not need to enable "Simulate Hardware Keyboard".

Dvorak keyboard works perfectly once I go into the settings app and choose that as the hardware layout.

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