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I am working on a code base which as VBScript code embedded in HTML. I've noticed the following two different tags around said lines of code

<%= MyFunc(val1) %>


<% MyFunc(val1) %>

What is the difference in using the "=" character at the beginning of these sections?

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<% evaluates an expression in server code but doesn't emit output.

<%= also evaluates the expression but wraps the result in Response.Write, so it produces output.

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Genius. That makes sense with what I'm seeing. Thanks! – Rob Segal Dec 17 '09 at 15:58

When you see:

<%= MyFunc() %>

it really means:

Response.Write( MyFunc() )

Its short hand for writting output to the response.


The above will just run the code but won't write it to the response unless it has some Response.Write's inside the Function/Sub itself.

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