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I have the following code in my app:

query_string = Booking.query()

Which I would like to substitute Booking (an ndb.Model class) based on some conditional logic.

I am uncertain how to create a new Booking or other ndb.Model's query object "on the fly".

My pseudo code:

my_query_object = ndb.Model('Booking').query()

Is this the correct approach or can I start with a generic ndb.Model query and specify the type via text further along in the query building process?

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OK, as what happens, posting a question often prompts the RTFM angel to my savior.

From the docs here:

Typically, an application creates a Query by calling Model.query(). But it's also possible to call ndb.Query().


kind Optional kind string. Normally, the name of a entity class.

So the solution code for my example becomes:

query_string = ndb.Query(kind='Booking')
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