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I ran the app analysis in store kit for my windows phone 8 app, I found that app was not responsive and was marked as red, when I select a time range and go for detailed analysis I find this "Texture memory dominant-native memory allocations are dominating", with a further bit of googling I found render thread and UI thread's FPS(frames per second) when below desired levels cause this.

What does texture memory dominant actually mean? How can I get rid of it? What are performance optimization techniques to maintain required FPS? Also my layout is pretty simple contains a grid with background image ,a button and an app bar.And also the FPS for UI thread and render thread go below 10, only when I navigate from a particular page to another( say from a.xaml to b.xaml,and b.xaml to a.xaml) from all other pages when I navigate I dont get any issues.(c.xaml to a.xaml or c.xaml to b.xaml)

And my second question is, I also get a warning saying my UI consumes too much of battery(Yeah UI is pretty bright) and it is recommended to change my color scheme Does this really affect the store certification process and are these two issues related to each other? I would be really glad if people with experience can help me...

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Texture memory dominant-native memory allocations are dominating: This thing means Your UI is resource intensive. e.g. You have a panoroma view with too mane items. But you are saying you have a pretty simple grid layout with a background Image. So I suspect the background image is not as per guide line , I mean probably it is too large in size.

UI consumes too much of battery: generally windows phone uses an amoled or similar display. So some light color consumes too much battery. It is a good practice to consume battery sensibly. Though your app will run perfectly ok.

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That is an interesting point. My app also says that the UI consumes too much battery. But the white background is not "whiter" than the E-Mail hub of WP7/8 or the Light-WP-design.. So is it a problem or not? –  ecth Jul 16 '14 at 6:39

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