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I have a data frame Indices containing various names which correspond to data frames (i.e. a name "Index 1" has a corresponding data frame Index 1).

Now I want to run my custom function calcScores over all data frames and add several columns to that data frame. Since I'm not in the global environment I return that "new" data frame and want to assign it back to the original variable Index 1, so Index 1 now has the new data frame with the added columns.

Here's my code (no chance I can make this 100% reproducible since all data is very custom but I hope you understand my question).

# Here the unique Index names are derived and stored
# Problem is the index names are stored as "Index 1", "Index 2" etc.
# Thats why I have to adjust These #titles and create individual data Frames
Indices <- unique(df[1])
apply(unique(df[1]), 1, function(x){
    assign(gsub(" ","",x,fixed=TRUE), subset(df,ticker==x), envir = .GlobalEnv)

calcRollingAverage <- function(Parameter, LookbackWindow){
    Output <- rollapply(Parameter, LookbackWindow, mean, fill=NA, partial=FALSE,

calcScores<-function(Index, LookbackWindow){
    Index$PE_Avg = calcRollingAverage(Index$PE_Ratio, LookbackWindow)
    Index$PE_DIV_Avg = Index$PE_Ratio/Index$PE_Avg
    Index$PE_Score = cut(Index$PE_DIV_Avg, breaks=PE_Breaks, labels=Grades)


apply(Indices,1,function(x) assign(gsub(" ","",x,fixed=TRUE), calcScores(get(gsub(" ","",x,fixed=TRUE)),lookback_window)))

I guess my problems are in the apply and with the whole get, assign and gsub story. The scoping is here obviously the issue... At the moment apply gives the following error:

Error: unexpected symbol in:
"apply(Indices,1,function(x) assign(gsub(" ","",x,fixed=TRUE), calcScores(get(gsub(" ","",x,fixed=TRUE)),lookback_window))
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Just a tip. When you make variables called Index 1 etc, you should probably store them in a list instead. Also, do you really include whitespace in the variable names? That sounds like a bad idea. –  Backlin Oct 7 '13 at 13:42

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Ok solved it...sorry for the post. That is the solution: envir = .GlobalEnv

apply(Indices,1,function(x) assign(gsub(" ","",x,fixed=TRUE), calcScores(get(gsub(" ","",x,fixed=TRUE)),lookback_window),envir = .GlobalEnv))
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Why don't you just use a for loop, which would help with the scoping problems ? Something like this :

mydf1 <- data.frame(x=1:3, y=2:4)
mydf2 <- data.frame(x=3:5, y=4:6)

indices <- c("mydf1","mydf2")

for (dfname in indices) {
    result <- get(dfname)
    result$z <- result$x+ result$y
    assign(dfname, result)
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I thought for is slower than apply? I thought I've read that once... –  MichiZH Oct 7 '13 at 13:44
@MichiZH It is slower to use a for loop instead of a vectorized function. But here it would not make any difference, I think, as you are just iterating over a list once. –  juba Oct 7 '13 at 13:45

Looks like you want to split your data by ticker and apply a function on each splitted element.

This is a job for by or ddply in plyr package.

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