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I am writing an application that does some image processing in several stages, depending on the user's intention. Sometimes the input is approximately 5 files, but sometimes it may be 500 or 5000 files. For many processes, the files need to be loaded completely, but in many cases, only the files' header or thumbnail could be loaded.

I am wondering what's the best way to go about this in terms of loading all the files. One option is to load all (potentially 5000) the user selects into memory straight away, but this would amount to Gigabytes of data in the RAM. And maybe the user doesn't want to do complicated processing, so it may be unnecessary. Alternatively, the files could be loaded and reloaded at every stage in the process, but that might amount to reloading the same file 5 times in a row, which may take quite a long time (the importing process on some file formats isn't exactly trivial).

I have no experience dealing with large amounts of user data, and I find it hard to find good documentation on this. Does anyone have any recommendations, or are there common practices in dealing with these problems? How do for example programmes like iPhoto, Photo Gallery, or iTunes (as a sound example) do these things?

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