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I'm working with MVC's views

I have a main view which contains a partial view. My partial view is rendered with the actions that are fired from the elements that it contains. I also have a jquery of tooltips from "Qtip". Everything works fine.

My problem is that everytime I render the partial view, the complete functionality of the jquery is lost and my tooltips don't work.


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This behaviour is expected because the new elements created when rendering the partial view do not have any javascript/jQuery properties/functions/etc. You will have to re-add these jQuery tooltips after the partial view is rendered.

You can do this by adding an "OnSuccess" option to the MVCAjax form, e.g.,

<% using (Ajax.BeginForm("Index", new AjaxOptions
       LoadingElementId = "loading",
       OnSuccess = "functionCall",
       UpdateTargetId = "list-current"
    { %>

You then need the javascript

function functionCall(result) {
    // re-attach jquery to objects
    // and/or do anything with return value "result"
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Thanks Andrew, your solution helped me to solve my problem. –  cer Dec 29 '09 at 15:44

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