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I am trying to find some hints in documentation of mayavi without any success.

In the visualization of complex data I would like to remove a part of computed iso_surface. E.g., I have a code like

field =  mlab.pipeline.gaussian_splatter(data)
iso = mlab.pipeline.iso_surface(field, contours=[0.07])

I may remove part of this iso_surface by explicitly explaining that my data is limited along x, y or z by doing something like

field.filter.model_bounds = array([-1.,  1., -1.,  1., -1., 1.])

But I can not find the way to explain this for an arbitrary directed plane. For instance, I would like to limit my data for a (1,1,1) direction.

Is there a way to do this?

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if you're having trouble displaying the surface you want, try playing around with the argument of contours, if you can make them tight enough around the surface you want to have displayed you should get what you want..

if you could post some more of a {non,}working example I might be able to help out

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