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The code below is supposed to download a script and execute it on a vagrant guest. The script is downloaded, but never run. Does anyone know how to ensure execution of the shell script after download?

remote_file "/home/vagrant/conscript_setup.sh" do
  source "#{node.default['conscript']['url']}"
  notifies :run, "bash[install conscript]", :immediately

bash "install conscript" do
  cwd "/home/vagrant"
  code <<-EOH
    cwd "/home/vagrant"
    chown vagrant:vagrant conscript_setup.sh
    chmod 777 conscript_setup.sh
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can you add code to confirm that script is installed and chmoded correctly? Good luck –  shellter Oct 7 '13 at 14:47
Without an explicit path to your conscript_setup.sh, bash tries to search for it in the $PATH (where it probably doesn't find it). Thus, try to run the script with an explicit path as ./conscript_setup.sh. –  Holger Just Oct 7 '13 at 17:33

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When you run the script, you need the full (absolute) path as it is not in your shell's execute path.

I have a working example (similar), for your reference


remote_file "#{Chef::Config[:file_cache_path]}/screenfetch.sh" do
  source "https://raw.github.com/KittyKatt/screenFetch/master/screenfetch-dev"
  mode 00755

bash 'screenfetch' do
  code <<-EOF
    #{temp}/./screenfetch.sh > #{temp}/screenfetch.log 2>/dev/null

mode bit is set at download time. You can change your recipe accordingly.

BTW: You can enable debug to see more information

For chef-solo => chef-solo -c solo.rb -j node.json -l debug

Vagrant + Chef Solo example (use chef.arguments)

config.vm.provision :chef_solo do |chef|
  # vagrant + chef-solo provision log level
  # equivalent to VAGRANT_LOG=info vagrant up
  chef.arguments = "-l debug"
  chef.add_recipe "apt"
  chef.add_recipe "nginx"

If chef-arguments does NOT work, just VAGRANT_LOG=debug vagrant up

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Omg, genius! The Google Gods have blessed today, my friend. I spent 2 hours yesterday searching/trying to figure this out, but with Chef's perplexing documentation, I never could. (Why they have so many commands that can seemingly do the exact same things, I'll never understand... [template, script, bash, execute]). Never even came across remote_file until now. Solved this within 5 minutes of coming to work today... "vagrant provision shell chef equivalent" did the trick :) –  Kevin Jurkowski Jan 15 at 19:41

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