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Is it possible to see a substring of a string when looking a string in the Watch window during a debugging session?

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I tend to use the Immediate Window for this sort of thing, but as Jon Skeet has said you can also do it directly in the Watch Window.

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Ditto re: Immediate Window. –  JMD Dec 17 '09 at 16:15

Yes - just watch

text.Substring(1, 15)

or whatever.

What happened when you tried this?

EDIT: "doesn't work" isn't really a description of what happened. I've just tried this myself in VS2008, and it worked fine. The value greys out when you step, but there's a little "refresh" button on the right hand side of the value box... when you click that, it will re-evaluate the expression.

If that's not happening for you, please describe what is happening for you.

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doesn't work in the watch window but in the immediate window. –  Martin Delille Dec 17 '09 at 16:41

sure, just put in a new watch entry with the substring you want to see :-

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