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Well, I am facing a strange problem. Shopify allows 1GB of file storage. There are many test orders that I created and now I have deleted these. But my quota usage still shows the user uploaded files.

I would like to know how to delete user uploaded files so that I can use my storage efficiently.

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I don't think there is currently a way to delete customer uploaded files.

I have the same issue:

  • I created a number of test orders with an uploaded file as a line item property
  • My Storage used (Admin > Settings > Account) increased by the combined size of the images
  • After deleting the orders, my storage used remains unchanged (and I can still access the uploaded files on the Shopify CDN via after the order has been deleted)
  • The Shopify admin only provides access to delete administrator uploaded files (Admin > Settings > Files)

I found this related question on Stack Overflow, and this question on the Shopify discussion forums, neither of which have been answered yet.

Perhaps this should be a feature request...


Location of customer uploaded files:
Location of files uploaded via Settings > Files:

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Thanks Steph, This is very critical for my site. I have been following up with Shopify support team for couple of days now. Here is the latest I received from them: ------------------------------QUOTE------------------------ Definitely see what you mean. I assumed the images were being uploaded to the "Files" section as I saw images in there, but I did just do a test and they are not appearing there. If you allow me I'm going to send this to our technical team and see where the files are being stored! Once I have an update I will let you know, ------------UNQUOTE------------ – Yudhvir Dahiya Oct 8 '13 at 14:26

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