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I have a stored procedure which accepts a parameter of type Array and I'd like to invoke it via groovy.sql.Sql.call(...) but I can't figure out how to instantiate a java.sql.Array instance to pass as a parameter.

In normal JDBC, I can create a java.sql.Array via java.sql.Connection.createArrayOf(...) but I can't get a reference to the connection through groovy.sql.Sql.

Note, I have created my Sql instance by passing a DataSource so groovy.sql.Sql.getConnection() returns null.

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The groovy.sql.Sql class will create a connection on demand from the DataSource and throw it away when it's done. Use cacheConnection to keep the connection around for you to use:

def sql = new Sql(datasource)
sql.cacheConnection {
    assert sql.connection != null
    println sql.rows('select * from mytable where arraycol = ?',
        sql.connection.createArrayOf('integer', [1, 2, 3] as Object[]))
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Thanks @ataylor. Using your answer as a guide, I found that the connection is passed into the closure so you don't need to reference sql.getConnection(). I came up with the following which I prefer:

def sql = new Sql(datasource)
sql.cacheConnection { Connection con ->
    assert con != null
    def array = con.createArrayOf('integer', [1, 2, 3] as Object[]))
    println sql.rows('select * from mytable where arraycol = ?', array)
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