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I'm currently coding a game in Java that is growing bigger over time. So now I'm at a point where more dynamic implementations of code would become quite handy. I decided to take a look into Jython and got it working with some simple scripts already. (Btw I'm using the newest standalone Jython if it matters somehow).

Now my Question is: Can I execute methods that are in my Java project in a Jython script that is executed in the mentioned Java project?

Here is an example of pseudo-code for better understanding what I want to ask:

Let's say I have a Script that looks like the following:

def main():


And a Java class that contains the method "killPlayer()":

public void killPlayer() {

While the Jython script is executed as following:

PythonInterpreter pyInterp = new PythonInterpreter();

Is anything of that kind possible?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my poor english ^^

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You can import Java classes in Jython like so:

from javax.swing import JFrame
f = JFrame('Hello, World!', defaultCloseOperation=JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE, size=(300, 300), locationRelativeTo=None)


So my suggestion is to use the Java code as a library and implement the "setup everything" in Python. That way, you won't need to figure out a way to look up instances of Java objects from the script.

If you need to look up instances, I suggest to create a static global variable somewhere which gives you access to a class that exposes important game instances. In the Java code, you can then register the instances with a name in a Map for the Jython scripts.

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Thanks! I did not expect that I could import my own packages and classes that easily. –  Deconimus Oct 7 '13 at 16:18

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