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As can be seen from the Canvas class and the JFrame class, the methods related to BufferStrategy (of the Canvas and of the JFrame) don't come from the same parent. The createBufferStrategy of JFrame for example, is inherited by Window, which is not a parent of Canvas, while Canvas implements its own. Actually, their last common ancestor is Component which doesn't have this method.

So I'm wondering whether the functionality of the two is the same, and whether my program will behave the same when replacing the createBufferStrategy/getBufferStrategy of the Canvas with the createBufferStrategy/getBufferStrategy of the Window.

I've decided to do this "replace move" because I read yesterday JPanel is no slower than Canvas here: Canvas and InputMap.

So I basically want to add JPanel instead of Canvas now.
When I started coding, my first choice was Canvas because of this:
tutorial on youtube. So you can see more or less my code there, even though I've done a few changes, as they are not related to this topic.

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