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I have a domain like name is mydomain.com, n right now i using gmail buisness service for domain n i have 40 email id in it. now i wanted to create more then 100 email id with unlimited storage so i'll go for your buissness email plan, so my question is is it possible that my 40 email id that are running on gmail buisness email for domain service is working along with my 100 email id on godaddy.

means can i access that 40 mail account on mail.mydomain.com n another 100 email id that are created in godaddy can aaccess from webmail.mydomain.com.

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When a mail server needs to deliver a message to user@mydomain.com, how will it know where to send it? Even if you can somehow get this setup to work, it's probably going to cause more problems than it solves. Just migrate your mail from the old service to the new service. (If the service doesn't provide a way to do that, or for you to export/backup your data, then the sooner you move away from it the better.) –  David Oct 7 '13 at 16:20
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