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I don't really understand how to connect my users using a REST api.

For example I can add a new firewall

        pattern: ^/api
        anonymous: ~
        form_login: false            
        provider: fos_user_bundle
            realm: "REST Service Realm"

But I don't understand how to connect my user.

And once the connection was successful, I have to send datas on each request to prove that my user is connected because there is no cookies.

Thanks for your help

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When you use http based authentication (as you do with http_basic param) the authentication/authorization is managed by http headers.

The server send to the client an header like this:

WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm="REST Service Realm" 

That browsers usually alert user with a window thats ask for user/password.

The client should send to the server an header with:

Authorization: Basic {string} 

with string that is the encoded Base64("username:password")

Every request must have this header.

All is described in RFC 2617

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Thanks for your help, I undestand –  ant Oct 8 '13 at 15:19

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