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I am working on an app using Java in Play 1.2.4. I have controller B extending controller A. Does this mean that controller B inherits the actions from A? If so, how do I route to those without routing directly to controller A?


public class ControllerA {
    private static void action{
        //I want to run this

public class ControllerB extends ControllerA {


can I call action like this: ControllerB.action?

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I'm not sure if this is possible/easy to do in play 1, but in play 2.x you can use a DI framework like google guice. This will let you create singleton controllers without static methods so inheritance will work as usual. – kapep Oct 7 '13 at 18:37

IT does if I remember well. However it is better practice to use the @With annotation rather than extend your controllers.

public class Application extends Controller {
    static void preAction() {"Request: [%s]", request);

    public static void login() {

public class Bookings extends Controller {
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