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I am using JNA to access a custom DLL which seems to be using the FAR PASCAL Calling Conventions, but the JVM crashes every time i try to access it.

Development Guide of the dll says: BOOL FAR PASCAL GetIomemVersion(LPSTR);

And Dependency Walker tells me: _GetIomemVersion@4

public class PebblePrinter {
    public interface Iomem extends StdCallLibrary {
        boolean _GetIomemVersion(String version);

    String version;  
    Iomem INSTANCE;  
    StdCallFunctionMapper myMapper;

    public PebblePrinter() { 
        HashMap optionMap = new HashMap();
        myMapper = new StdCallFunctionMapper();
        optionMap.put(Library.OPTION_FUNCTION_MAPPER, myMapper);
        INSTANCE = (Iomem)Native.loadLibrary("iomem", Iomem.class,optionMap);
    public String getIomemVersion(){
        return version;

With C# code it works well using

[DllImport("iomem.dll", EntryPoint = "_GetIomemVersion@4")]
public static extern bool GetIomemVersion(IntPtr version);

Can you tell me what i am doing wrong? Thanks in advance!!!

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Problem solved,

I've just used the wrong parameter .. GetIomemVersion needs a Pointer

boolean _GetIomemVersion(Pointer version);

public String getIomemVersion(){    
   Memory m = new Memory(1024);
   Pointer x = m.getPointer(0);
   return x.getString(0);   
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