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I am trying to convert our existing driver code that is using makefile to visual studio 2013 with MSBUILD.

I have include all the header files and source code. The project is created asKMDF driver.

I have enabledWPP tracing, and inserted 3 parameters that we use

-km (in trace kernel-mode components --> Yes (-km) )  

-func (in functions to generate trace messages --> TraceEvents(LEVEL,FLAGS,MSG,...))  

-gen (in specify template file --> {km-WdfDefault.tpl}*.tmh)

When I build the project, error returns as:

'TraceEvents' undefined; assuming extern returning int
'DBG_PNP' : undeclared identifier

I am not sure why this is happening. I think I am missing some steps. Please direct me what I might have missed.

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Try starting a new project and selecting "Visual C++" -> "Windows Driver" -> "USB" -> "Kernel Mode Driver, USB (KMDF). This driver has WPP tracing set up and builds out of the box.

You should particularly take a look at the the Trace.h file included with the project and the comment block at the bottom; I know we've had problems when this was omitted.

The comment block looks like this:

// This comment block is scanned by the trace preprocessor to define our
// Trace function.
// begin_wpp config
// FUNC TraceEvents(LEVEL, FLAGS, MSG, ...);
// end_wpp
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This solves my problem. However, for unknown reason, I had to move all the files that are using tmh file, to the same folder...I am not sure why, but now my project builds. There should be a way to fix this. I am not sure if there is anything to do with the "Output directory" that is found under Wpp Tracing->File Options. Right now, I am setting it to a empty folder. –  void Oct 11 '13 at 19:46

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