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Here's what I've done:

1 - (Remote server)

  • git init
  • git add .
  • git commit -a -m "Initial Commit"

2 - (Local computer)

  • git clone root@URL:/path/to/repository pic1

  • Now I type: git log and successfully see the commit history on my local machine: pic2

  • Great, all is well so far. Now to change a file locally... I change resource/templates/default_site/ and hit Save

  • I now hit git status just to triple check that it sees that I changed a file, and it works: pic3

  • I now hit git commit -a -m "Test commit" - success once again: pic4

  • All is well so far, time to push my changes to the remote server with git push origin master: pic5

  • So it seems to think that it pushed the changes to the remote branch successfully. Let me make sure by going back to the remote server...

3 - (Back on remote server)

  • I check if it has the latest commit from my local repository with git log -- and I can very clearly see my test commit from a second before. So it successfully commited from my local repo -> the remote repo...


  • But if I open up resource/templates/default_site/ on the remote server, my change ISN'T in there!

What am I doing wrong here? Your help is appreciated!

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You seem to have done everything except checkout the changes from your remote's repo to your remote's working directory.

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Oh, sorry I'm new to git -- what's the command I want to use? – user2762294 Oct 7 '13 at 18:28
git checkout master – tjd Oct 7 '13 at 19:24

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