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i have a html page with some links in it as follows

<div id="thelinksdiv">
    <a data-videolink="external-video-link1" />
    <a data-videolink="external-video-link2" />
    <a data-videolink="external-video-link3" />

now, when any of the above links are clicked i want to process that ( in my javascript function ) and open up the given external-video-link as an overlay within the same page.

to give an example, the functionality i require is same as the coursera page. https://class.coursera.org/algo-004/lecture/preview

it has bunch of links in the page as given below ...

<a data-lecture-id="20" data-modal-iframe="https://class.coursera.org/algo-004/lecture/preview_view?lecture_id=20" data-modal=".course-modal-frame" href="https://class.coursera.org/algo-004/lecture/preview_view/20" rel="lecture-link" class="lecture-link">

when you click on one of links, an overlay opens up with the required video window in it. i wanted to know, how are they doing it ? ( i tried debugging/searching for the target js file but in vain)

i have the similar requirement - i have some bunch of links ( as "a" tags ) in my page with the targets links and other information stored in "data" attributes of the "a" tag and when it is clicked i programmatically want to open up the target video-link as an overlay within the same page.

Also, is using iframe ok in the above scenario ? it is a recommended practice to load, say a youtube video within an iframe ?

is there any open-source frameworks which provides this functionality ?

i checked http://jquerytools.org/demos/overlay/external.html but it depends on "rel" attributes of "a" tag which seems to be an old technique and i want to do something similar to what coursera is doing ( ie, use "data" attributes instead of "rel" )


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