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I am doing a local forwarding to the remote port at 80 which the apache2 is listening on like this ssh -L 80:localhost:80 user@host.com , so it connects me to the remote server, however I find I can still do mkdir rm and such commands. Isn't it so that I am only forwarded to application listening on port 80? so what's the difference to this command ssh -p 22 host.com ? Is there a way to test if this port forwarding is working?

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Yes, you can Test as follows:

  1. You should use a Client program on one Side and A Server Program on the other remote side.
  2. Try to connect your client to your server according to ports and IP's used in your port forwarding by Netsh Cmd.
  3. If connection succeed , that is it, if connection fails, that means port forwarding command was failed, or your ip and port configuration of your client and server is wrong.
  4. More over if you send a text file to the server, you should receive it. I hope that this will help. Thanks.
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