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I'm running a cron job configurated in CPanel:

**cd /home/DOMAIN_A/public_html/ ; php host_cron_job.php**

In the host_cron_job.php file I am trying to access with the absolute file path other file in the same server but it's other domain, something like:

**include "/home/DOMAIN_B/public_html/config.php";**

But I get this error:

**<b>Warning</b>:  include(/home/DOMAIN_B/public_html/config.php) [<a href='function.include'>function.include</a>]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in <b>/home/DOMAIN_A/public_html/host_cron_job.php</b>**

Anyone having solution to this issue?

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The UNIX user running the Cron task does not have the authorisation to access /home/DOMAIN_B/public_html/config.php. Log-in as this user, and try to access this path step-by-step. Adjust permissions as required using the chmod command.

The user must be able to "eXecute" the following directories (which means "enter those directories" for UNIX permissions) :

  • /
  • /home
  • /home/DOMAIN_B
  • /home/DOMAIN_B/public_html

And it must have a Read permission on both /home/DOMAIN_B/public_html/config.php and /home/DOMAIN_B/public_html/config.php :

Basically, your task should be :

* * * * * php /home/DOMAIN_A/public_html/host_cron_job.php


* * * * * cd /home/DOMAIN_A/public_html && php host_cron_job.php

depending on your environment needs, and with the scheduling parameters of your choice.

Note : I'd rather use && than ';', this will avoid the execution of the PHP script if going to the directory fails at first.

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Your sample cron line is probably incorrect. If OP is doing a cd into the script's directory, it's probably for a reason. If the script isn't written with absolute paths, it'll now be running in the WRONG working directory and any relative includes/requires will be broken. – Marc B Oct 7 '13 at 19:09
Considering the fact that he uses absolute paths, I ruled out this possiblity. Still, I'll add a version using the cd pre-requisite. – John WH Smith Oct 7 '13 at 19:10

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