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I have a module with the following GET API:

Get["/filesignature/{relativePath}"] = GetFileSignature;

And I attempt to use WebClient.DownloadData with the following:

var myPath = @"mydirectory\myfile.exe";
client.DownloadData("filesignature/" + HttpUtility.UrlEncode(myPath));

I can see it gets encoded to filesignature/mydirectory%5cmyfile.exe, so that looks right.

However, I'm getting returned 404. I attempted to do this in a browser, and it's the same. When I remove the %5c, my breakpoint in the call is reached. So it seems to be an issue with the backslash encoding.

Any advice?

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So I didn't find an exact solution to my problem. But instead I use WebClient's Query property and set the name/values properly there. No encoding needed then.

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