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I am doing AppEngine endpoints for a RESTFul backend in AppEngine. I use AngujarJS on the client side, managing server data with ngResource.

My issue: I am not able to return a pure array from AppEngine Endpoint. I tried this:

        name = "mpscorerapi.getAllResults",
        path = "/tournament/{tournamentId}/result/"
        httpMethod = HttpMethod.GET
public List<SimpleResult> getAllResults(@Named("tournamentId") Long tournamentId) throws NotFoundException

Although this gets the data from the server down to the client, it does not build an array of "SimpleResult" objects, but a single object than contains an array of SimpleResult's, called "items":

 "items": [
   "id": "5733953138851840",
   "h": 0,
   "r": 0,
   "kind": "mpscorer#mpscorerapiItem"
   "id": "5733953138851841",
   "h": 1,
   "r": 2,
   "kind": "mpscorer#mpscorerapiItem"
 "kind": "mpscorer#mpscorerapi",
 "etag": "\"SALE0WnK41Jo38zV0ILO62-rVOI/Mh2G6GGztZv-wj_56Kjf1o1XBaM\""

This makes ngResource pretty useless, because the "query" method expects a pure array as reply:

$scope.resultsSrv = Result.query({tournamentID:tournamentId}) //fails!!!!

Any idea on how to get just the "SimpleResult" array?


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What happens if you return a String from that method? There are JSON parsers out there like Jackson that can easily turn your List into a JSON string if you're unable to find another solution. –  ivarni Oct 8 '13 at 5:19
in what format are you expecting the result? –  codef0rmer Oct 8 '13 at 6:14
I'd like to get just what is inside the items object. Returning a string is not an option, since I consider that a tool (like endpoints) should be something that simplifies my life ;-) –  cvigo Oct 8 '13 at 8:41
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