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I'm trying to set up a script that will automatically execute a series of clicks and drags in an application for which I do not have access to the source. I'm trying to use Monkeyrunner to do this, but I'd like to avoid using screen coordinates to click at certain locations. I'd like to use device.press('KEYCODE_MENU', "DOWN_AND_UP"), but I can't figure out how to find what the keycodes are for my application. I know that you can use GetKeyCode, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to intercept a key event and then call GetKeyCode so that I can press buttons and see their respective keycodes.

Here is the code I have right now, where I'm running a test to make sure the code is running properly (open menu, wait 1 sec, close menu). This is written using PyDev.

from com.android.monkeyrunner import MonkeyDevice, MonkeyRunner

device= MonkeyDevice
for i in range(5):
    device = MonkeyRunner.waitForConnection(8)
    if device != None:
        print "Device found..."

device.press('KEYCODE_MENU', "DOWN_AND_UP")
device.press("KEYCODE_BACK", "DOWN_AND_UP")

Here is the reference I'm trying to use for GetKeyCode

I know that in my code right now, I'm calling .(arg1, arg2...), but I'm not sure how to call GetKeyCode, which is a method for some kind of class or module that I don't know how to operate.

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