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I haven't done much development for Android, and I am looking to debug some JS/CSS in the native Android Internet browser (Version 4.1.2). So far, I have found the ADB extension for Chrome on Android, but not much in the way of the native browser.

I am seeing some strange anomalies in my JS/CSS appear in the native Android browser that I do not see in the Chrome browser or on iOS devices.

I'm looking for guidance/recommendations/suggestions/tools that I can use for debugging JS/CSS on the native Android browser.


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Possible duplicate of:… – Morrison Chang Oct 7 '13 at 22:57

You can use the jsHybugger App to find your JS/CSS anomalies. Just install the APK on your device and use the ADB extension for Chrome on your desktop to debug your webpage. The jsHybugger App acts as a proxy between the native Android Browser and your webserver, and enables you to debug your page.

The software is not free but there is a cheap shorttime license available.

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