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I have a dataframe in which the column names begin with certain characters:

> colnames(df)
[1] "p.crossfencing"  "p.livestockdrinking"  "v.livestocktrail"
[5] "v.landclearing"  "v.grazelivestock"     "v.useequipment"


I'd like to select columns based on the first few characters (for example, those column names that begin with "v.") Basically, I'm trying do the same thing that ls(pattern="") does for objects, but in my case, for column names within a dataframe.

EDIT: Answer by Thomas below put me on the right path. I needed to use:


where j <- colnames(df).

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Are you looking for df[,grep("^v.",names(df))]?

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That almost does what I needed - enough to help me figure it out. Thanks! –  Matt H Oct 7 '13 at 23:28

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