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I'm trying to compile a simple "Hello, World" program using gcc in C programming language. I use the following command on a source code file "test.c" (without the quotes).

I use the following command:

gcc test.c -O -Wall -Werror test

I expect this to compile my program and create and executable called test that I can run the program with from the command line. However when I compile using the above line I get the following error:

gcc: test: No such file or directory

Any reason as to why this may be?


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Why the downvote? Let me know so I can try and ask my question differently next time. – Gasper Gulotta Oct 7 '13 at 23:35

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You are giving the wrong commands to gcc:

do this :

gcc -Werror -Wall -O -o test test.c 

-o is for output

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That makes sense, thank you! – Gasper Gulotta Oct 7 '13 at 23:35

gcc is treating test as an input file name. Assuming you want to use test as the output file name, you need to use the -o option.

gcc test.c -O -Wall -Werror -o test
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