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I need to be able to run unit test for my Node.js application, I decide to use Jasmine framework, because I know t and think it's pretty well solution. But before I use karma as my test runner, but karma do not works for server side development. So, please, advice me a good way to develop unit test for Node.js with Jasmine

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im currently using this project to run mt jasmine's test https://github.com/mhevery/jasmine-node

you simply need to exec this : jasmine-node path/to/your/specs

May be this is not the best tools for running jasmine specs but i use it because it supports coffescript written specs (jasmine-node --coffee specs/

and finally you could use it to make starting "script" like run test before any action

jasmine-node specs/specs1.js && jasmine-node specs/specs2.js && node server.js for example

an other cool tool i use is rewire https://github.com/jhnns/rewire that allow you to mock some methods fir unit testing

i hope it might help you

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