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Does anyone know how to use Ruby to grab a list of the MAC addresses of all the devices on the local network? Preferably as quick a response as possible.


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Substitute your actual IP range for the X's

ping -c 2 x.x.x.255

And then parse the results of an

arp -a
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Unfortunately this won't work very well cross-platform, don't suppose you know if Ruby has equivalent commands? –  JP. Dec 17 '09 at 18:52
Ruby's ping implementation does not use ICMP and there is no built-in ARP library that I'm aware of, so probably not. –  Azeem.Butt Dec 17 '09 at 18:59
Shame - thanks! –  JP. Dec 17 '09 at 19:35
All the currently common operating systems I can think of will have the 'ping' and 'arp' commands if they have an IP stack. The command parameters would be slightly different, however (e.g. in Linux 'ping -c 1 ...' sends only one packet, where the Windows equivalent would be 'ping -n 1 ...'; and with NIX the command 'arp' will show the whole table, whereas with Windows you need to do 'arp -a'). –  ewall Dec 17 '09 at 19:41

Have a look at arp-scan

There is also a nice arp-scan gem here that simply wraps the binary.

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