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How do you display unicode character U+1F698, in the Transport And Map Symbols Block, in an html page preferably without using Javascript? I have found the following html scape secuence: 🚘 which, when included in an html page, shows the following square symbol 🚘, tested in chrome and firefox.

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I can see an ONCOMING AUTOMOBILE character in the question, after the words “the following square symbol”. So the character is included correctly in the question; it just does not show when a user’s system has no font containing it. –  Jukka K. Korpela Oct 8 '13 at 5:13

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The codepoints website appears to have a solution. They use the Symbola font which is added to the page using @font-face, and that renders some unicode symbols correctly, including the one specified in your question.

@font-face include (for testing, don't actually link to codepoints stylesheet when in production, instead copy it locally and link there instead):

<link rel="stylesheet" href="http://codepoints.net/api/font-face/Symbola.css">

Displaying the character:

<span style="font-family: Symbola, serif;">&#x1F698;</span>
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have you found any code implementation? –  user2070775 Oct 8 '13 at 2:49
@user2070775 I edited to show the implementation. –  jvperrin Oct 8 '13 at 3:12
it works like a charm –  user2070775 Oct 8 '13 at 3:18
Symbola, like most fonts, renders some Unicode characters. It covers many symbols that most fonts don’t, but it is incorrect to assume that it contains all, or even most, Unicode characters. –  Jukka K. Korpela Oct 8 '13 at 5:09
Also, by the way, please do not hotlink to the given CSS file! (Thanks jvperrin for pointing it out.) For one, it eats my bandwidth, but it will also soonish be, that I restructure the fonts, so it's likely that this will change. What's in the CSS file? Basically an @font-face declaration, that links to the Symbola font files. You can download them at the link above and convert them to EOT, WOFF and other needed formats on fontsquirrel.com. –  Boldewyn Oct 9 '13 at 8:39

You probably do not have a suitable font that can display this symbol, or the font you have set it to cannot display it.

You could check if you have a font that has that character on this page.

According to this page, the only major font that supports this character is Symbola. (LastResort is not a real font)

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Browsers have fonts? Where did you install the fonts in your browser? –  Bjorn Tipling Oct 8 '13 at 2:54
@BjornTipling Nit-picking, but okay, edited –  Doorknob Oct 8 '13 at 2:55
LastResort isn’t a real font but shows generic placeholder glyphs for characters. At present, Symbola seems to be the only font that supports U+1F698. –  Jukka K. Korpela Oct 8 '13 at 5:18
@JukkaK.Korpela Thanks, edited –  Doorknob Oct 8 '13 at 21:29

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