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I am trying to make an ajax call using the below jQuery.

But I can see in Chrome, i'm getting uncaught typeerror cannot read property 'error' of null. So this stops the preloader from going away. Any idea why it's doing this?

function appendTeam(){


       url : _path + "/core/ajax.php",
       type : 'POST',
       data : { f: 'getTeam'},
       dataType : 'json',
       success :  function(data) {


            errorMessage('Error: ' + data.error, data.error, data.error);
            return false;

            var count = 0;
            $.each(, function(i, c){
                // check
                if(!$('#'+c)) return true;
                var element = $('#'+c);
      'prevParent', $('.slot.'+(i+1)+'.ui-droppable'));
                count ++;


            }, 2000);


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Can you add an example of the JSON that Ajax.php is rendering? – Jason Sperske Oct 8 '13 at 4:50
Also the success callbacks don't need/use return statements – Jason Sperske Oct 8 '13 at 4:52
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There is a mistake in your if operator:


You should check it like if(data && data.error)... so if the server returned you null instead of JSON object you won't try to access object's property error.

Also maybe you need to handle this case separately:

if(!data) {
    // handle empty response
} else if(data.error) {
    // handle error
} else {
    // process results
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This worked, thank you all for your help. – Dj Ike Oct 8 '13 at 5:00

Test if data is not null before trying acces his error property

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Probably the data object does not contains the property error or it is null;

so instead of this

if(data.error) {

you can check for it in a different way :

if(data && data.hasOwnProperty('error')) {

which is more fail-safe.

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i think response is null try to see response in using firebug enter image description here

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