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I have an WebApplication on WAS 6.1 using JAAS already working. Authenticates and authorizes in a orderly manner. But my logout page is not deauthorizing the principal. This application works correctly on JBoss an on Glasfish but not on WAS.

My logout page is just a simple JSP with this content.

<%System.out.println("principal is not null:"+(null != request.getUserPrincipal()));

if (null != request.getSession(false))
%><jsp:include page="/index.html" />

Am I missing something? I would preffer not to use any specific API from Webpshere but if it is absolutely needed I will.

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To succesfully logout this code snippet is also needed:

try {
	  	com.ibm.websphere.security.WSSecurityHelper.revokeSSOCookies(request, response);
	 } catch(Exception e) {
	 	// catch all possible exceptions if you want or handle them separately
	 	out.println("JAASLogoutServlet: logout Exception = " + e.getMessage());
	 	throw new ServletException(e);
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You're the man. This saved my day. –  Miguel Ping Aug 30 '10 at 11:18

IBM also implements a form called ibm_security_logout. I've been using it on websphere 7.0, but it exist in previous version. You can find more details my answer to my question :


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On WebSphere 8.5.5 (maybe in older versions, too) you can set custom property.

Security -> Global Security -> Custom properties

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