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My unit tests use the main entry point in each of my Java classes. I'm using Eclipse. It's been risky to rely on the test results because sometimes I've forgotten to set -enableassertions in the JVM arguments. Is there a universal setting that applies to all current and future Run Configurations?

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Use junit's assertion instead

Also See

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Please don't use the Java assert in unit tests.

This kind of assertion can be disabled because it is not intended to be used in unit tests at all. This assert only helps you to ensure some conditions at runtime of your actual code. Unit tests are different and done with special means as like JUnit

There are plenty good ressources to learn about proper unit testing, I would like to propose this as a possible starting point.

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You wrote: assert only helps you to ensure some conditions. Assuring conditions is no small thing so I don't understand why you would suggest it's not important. –  broiyan Oct 8 '13 at 8:30
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