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How to develop a native mobile applications for android using dart language ? Is it possible?

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Yes this is possible. A Dart application can be compiled to a regular JS/HTML app and packaged as such.

For a real world example see Veterninary Anesthesia in the Play store.This app was written in Dart and an installable phone application version was build with PhoneGap. The developer's blog extensively details how it was done.

Native Dart apps may come eventually. There's some reports of people compiling the Dart VM on Android. Currently, the Dart team are focussing on the Web client.

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There would be some tools like PhoneGap, where you could write Dart, compile to JS, then use it to convert this whole thing to a native app. The question is if this is really worth it - I never tried it, but I could imagine that with Dart you'd need to use JS-Interop extensively, if it even works altogether - the tool might not even be able to use Dart's optimized JS output. Anyway, if you really want to do this, this might be worth a try.

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I don't think that is possible: as you can see in this link, "the current focus for Dart is web applications". Or perhaps it seems a little complicated, see also this thread for further info.

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