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I want to write a simple which-process-produces-which-network-traffic-monitor in python.

output should be something like this:

8479 (firefox)
     'stackoverflow.com' / 23 KiB/s
8130 (mono)
     '214-42-14-125.static.somedomain.net' / 127 KiB/s

So this should mainly do what iftop does. psutil comes very close to what I need but it's lacking the actual traffic-per-connection information.

I know this post and I'm currently going to use it for my purposes but I still hope that there is something much simpler since I only want to get informed about the amount and not the content of data being transferred.

So my actual question: is there a module for python which allows me to get the current data thruput for a given connection/socket of currently running processes?

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