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I want to add data to kendo linechart series but when I add data then kendo redraw chart with all series so it cause performance problem. Is there any way draw it one by one ? Or how can I make real time line chart with kendo ? This is my code. It cause performance problem. http://demos.kendoui.com/dataviz/api/benchmark.html How can do it like in this link?

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Could you provide a working sample in jsbin so we can see the issue? – Burke Holland Jan 24 '14 at 3:00
You should be working with the dataSource of the chart. $('#myChart').data('kendoChart').dataSource.data(). Every time on insert any data into your chart via the .data() method, it will cause a redraw of the chart. If you are messing with multiple series, or points of data at one time it is then much more efficient to get a local reference and then append data. BlueChart.dataSource.data($.merge(BlueChart.dataSource.data(), newDataPoints)); would be a good way to append points to a chart. You could then apply a filter or slice earlier points depending on your goals. – Jonathan Buchanan Oct 2 '14 at 13:58

Disable the chart animation. That will help a lot. Here is a complete list of perf tips for the DataViz suite...


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