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I have created a report that is based on a business object - this works great. I am now trying to add a button that renders the report directly to PDF (in a winforms application). I know what I need to do - in code I am creating a ReportViewer, setting the DataSource, specifying the report (it's an embedded resource), then rendering the report into a byte array before using System.IO.File.WriteAllBytes to flush the byte array to disk. One thing I'm hung up on though, is how do I specify the instance of the object properly? I keep getting the "An error has occurred during the report processing" error. In IntelliTrace I can see that an exception is thrown "A data source instance has not been supplied for the data source 'IssRep'" (IssRep is the dataset name in the report. Here is the code:

Dim warning As Warning() = Nothing
Dim streamids As String() = Nothing
Dim mimetype As String = Nothing
Dim encoding As String = Nothing
Dim extension As String = Nothing

Dim viewer As New ReportViewer
Dim bs As New BindingSource
bs.DataSource = issuedet
Dim rds As New ReportDataSource
rds.Value = bs

viewer.ProcessingMode = ProcessingMode.Local
viewer.LocalReport.ReportEmbeddedResource = "FRSFE.SR.rdlc"

Dim pdfbytes As Byte()
    pdfbytes = viewer.LocalReport.Render("PDF", Nothing, mimetype, encoding, extension, streamids, warning)
    File.WriteAllBytes("C:\Shared\FRS\SR.PDF", pdfbytes)
Catch ex As Exception
End Try

I'm pretty sure whatever I'm stuck on is pretty simple as I'm very rusty on .NET but I just can't figure it out!

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Try setting rds.Name = "IssRep" before adding it to viewer.LocalReport.DataSources.

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