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I have TortoiseSVN set up to use KDiff3 as the conflict resolution tool (I find it shows more information useful to the merge than the built-in TortoiseMerge does).

When I open a file with Tortoise's "Edit Conflicts" command it shows me the three files and I have to select "Merge->Merge Current File" manually. The problem is that KDiff3 saves the result to source_file.working instead of to source_file. So without doing a Save As, the real file with the conflict doesn't get modified. Is there a way around doing this manual Save As every time?

I know this isn't strictly a programming question but it's about an ancillary process common enough to programmers that it should be useful here. I couldn't find the answer to this elsewhere.

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Ah, KDiff is da bomb! –  Jason Bunting Oct 25 '08 at 3:28

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Mine is a bit longer:

"C:\Program Files\KDiff3\kdiff3.exe" %base %mine %theirs -o %merged --L1 Base --L2 Mine --L3 Theirs
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So it is! And since I'm not entitled to the answer credit for this question, and you were more comprehensive, here you go. –  Owen Nov 4 '08 at 0:17
I find that (for me at least) the labels can be set to something which is (occasionally) more helpful thus:- --L1 "Base: %base" --L2 "Mine: %mine" --L3 "Theirs: %theirs" –  Ed Randall Feb 7 '14 at 16:28

Turns out I just needed a more specific command line. I had it set simply to the path to kdiff3.exe, and hoped the default arguments passed from TortoiseSVN would be enough. Not so. Here's the one needed (the key being the -o argument):

C:\Program Files\KDiff3\kdiff3.exe %base %theirs %mine -o %merged
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In case there's someone else like me, let me point out his is done in TortoiseSVN->Settings->Diff Viewer. I installed KDiff3 in Windows with Tortoise already installed and it got configured automatically. It took me some time to figure out where this needed to be done.

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