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I', learning CakePHP, but I have a great problem with operating with more complex database queries. So I would like to execute that kind of query:

SELECT p.name, b.value
FROM books b LEFT JOIN projects p
ON b.project_id=p.id
WHERE b.created=
(SELECT max(b.created) FROM books b WHERE b.user_id=1)
AND b.user_id=1
GROUP BY p.name

Can anybody help me write this using cakePHP mechanism for preparing queries?

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Are you trying to use the find() method on a Book model with this SQL statement? –  AgRizzo Oct 8 '13 at 10:57

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Your code should be something similar to this, assuming Book e Project are in relationship (Book belongsTo Project)

        'fields' => array('Book.value', 'Project.name'),
        'conditions' => array
            'Book.created IN (SELECT MAX(Book.created) FROM books Book WHERE Book.user_id = 1)',
            'Book.user_id' => 1
        'group' => 'Project.name'
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Great, I think this is something I was looking for :) Thx –  bbbb Oct 8 '13 at 13:08

Use IN clause.

   SELECT p.name, b.value
   FROM books b 
   LEFT JOIN projects p ON b.project_id=p.id
   WHERE b.created IN (SELECT max(created) FROM books  WHERE user_id=1)
   AND b.user_id=1
   GROUP BY p.name
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if Book and Projects are Models, you can use Book model to directly join using the CakePHP function, refer to http://stackoverflow.com/a/16286735/2858188

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Refer this link http://book.cakephp.org/2.0/en/models/retrieving-your-data.html#sub-queries for writing subqueries by following cakephp conventions.

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