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I am using WebBrowser control to develop a browser app for Windows phone. I am trying to implement auto scroll to the bottom using the following code. It works fine but when the page is zoomed in document.body.scrollHeight in the the conditional check

if (document.body.scrollHeight > (document.documentElement.scrollTop + window.innerHeight))

is always larger causing the function to be called non stop and the terminating clearTimeout(timeOutDown) is never reached.

var timeOutDown;
function scrollToBottom() 
    if (document.body.scrollHeight > (document.documentElement.scrollTop + window.innerHeight))
         window.scrollBy(0, 100); 

What is the correct way to do this considering user can zoom in/out the page?

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Figured it out, just replace document.documentElement.scrollTop with window.pageYOffset. So the conditional statement becomes

if (document.body.scrollHeight > (window.pageYOffset + window.innerHeight))

This will take care of the zoom factor.

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Accepting your own answer isn't taboo! You get no rep for it. When you do so, future visitors get a clear understanding that this was the correct answer right off the bat. –  Michal Oct 9 '13 at 2:55
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