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I am trying to access WCF service hosted on server. The service is using SSL connection. I assigned a self signed certificate in IIS. The service is a restfull service. I tried with two different scenarios:

1st scenario : I hosted the web site to same server(client application which access service) In this case the service is accessible and able to get response from service.

2nd scenario : I hosted the web site to localhost,local machine. From here when I am trying to make request to service method which is hosted on different web server it is not accessible. Showing error "Method not allowed" Here is code :

function testHttps()

    var xhr = createCORSRequest('POST', url);
    if (!xhr) {
      alert('CORS not supported');

    xhr.onload = function() {          


        xhr.onerror = function() {
        alert('Woops, there was an error making the request.');         

    xhr.setRequestHeader('Content-Type', 'application/json') ;

function createCORSRequest(method, url)
       var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();

        if ("withCredentials" in xhr) 
 , url, true);    
           else if (typeof XDomainRequest != "undefined") 
           xhr = new XDomainRequest();
 , url);
         } else
    xhr = null;
   return xhr;

How to make CORS call success with HTTPS? I do not want to install any certificate on client site. How to authenticate service from Javascript?

Please suggest... Thanks for your help in advance.


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Any one has idea on this !!!! Please help... – Avinash Oct 9 '13 at 3:42
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Check this and this out.

I think your problem is not about https: is the server responding with an header like the following?

Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *

In case it's not, it's probably filtering out your local referer.

Furthermore, if you're using credentials the server can't use the "*" wildcard and has to specify every allowed domains, which don't include localhost, I guess.

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