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Cython gives us an easy way to import C++ standard library data structures, e.g.:

  from libcpp.vector cimport vector
    from libcpp.utility cimport pair

But what about newer containers introduced with C++11: std::unordered_map, std::unordered_set etc. Are they supported in the same way? I could not find the appropriate import statement.

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Cython doesn't support them by default, but you could probably create your own interface, following the structure of https://github.com/cython/cython/blob/master/Cython/Includes/libcpp/map.pxd.

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This answer was probably correct at the time, but is now outdated. –  Ami Tavory May 21 at 7:39

Current cython versions allow them.

Make sure your setup.py contains something like:

ext_module = Extension(

You can then use

from libcpp.unordered_map cimport unordered_map

like for any other STL class.

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