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Please, provide simplest way to convert .groovy-script to executable file .exe for windows-platform or .jar, for using on multiply platforms.


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This might be of help.. stackoverflow.com/questions/9749032/… –  Abhishek Asthana Oct 8 '13 at 11:53

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This project is a simple card game, written in Groovy. It is uses a Gradle script to build a zip file that can be executed like so:

unzip warO.zip
java -jar warO.jar

See this segment of the build.gradle file to see how the manifest is specified for the jar (i.e. the classpath, main class entry point, etc):

jar.archiveName 'warO.jar'
jar.manifest {
    attributes 'Main-Class' : 'net.codetojoy.waro.Main' 
    attributes 'Class-Path' : 'jars/groovy-all-1.6.4.jar jars/guava-collections-r03.jar jars/guava-base-r03.jar'


For an exe, consider a tool such as JWrapper.

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+1 for the JWrapper reference –  SilentNot Apr 7 at 17:02

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