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I have a project, which use a .rules file to build some non-c++ sources. How to make MSBuild print diagnostic output from this tool? -- Precisely cerr stream.

(I silently presume, the M$ team have not reached that level of insanity, to give the custom building tools functionality without possibility to print errors from them.)

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Have you tried to increase verbosity level? Or try format messages according to: Do you build non c++ sources in c++ project? –  Palo Misik Oct 8 '13 at 21:18
@PaloMisik, verbosity=diagnostic. The tool is not written by me, so I would investigate the code, rewrite it, and still I would have a problem as, I would need to correct each new version I would download. Yes, I do build non-c++ sources in a c++ project. The library's sources I am trying to build are done that way. –  Number47 Oct 9 '13 at 19:11

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I've actually noticed you marked question with label visual-studio-2008. I guess it means your custom build tool processes non cpp files in vc2008 project? If so, I think it is not built by msbuild but with vcbuild.

In this case try to add echo on in front of command executed by custom tool. Vcbuild creates batch files in %temp% that first line contains @echo off and then it is executed. So if you add echo on you should see complete output in output window including command line used for command execution.

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