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Is it possible to move mutliple static methods and/or multiples static fields on one shot ?

public final class ClassA { 
    public static final String CONSTANTE_A = "CONSTANTE_A";
    public static final String CONSTANTE_B = "CONSTANTE_B";

    public static void methodA() {
        // statements....

    public static void methodB() {
        // statements....

public final class ClassB { 
// empty class

I would like to be able to select methodA, methodB, CONSTANTE_A and CONSTANTE_B, and do a "move..." to ClassB

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The easiest way to do this is to drag and drop the variables in Eclipse's package explorer. Expand ClassA until you see your static variables listed under your class and select both of them -- control + click (pc) or command + click (mac). Then just drag them to the desired destination class.

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+1 never noticed you could expand beyond class level in package explorer. –  dkatzel Oct 8 '13 at 19:52
That is equivalent of copy & paste the fields and methods. Therefore no refactoring is done... –  Robert May 28 at 13:35
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